An audio-visual elegy to unsupportable systems of belief and industry, Resolution (How Very Much I Have Loved You) is based on original recordings (captured via live stream) of the cleanup after the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf on Mexico. This video footage is combined with audio recordings made in the 1970s by members of the Peoples’ Republic of Guyana led by Jim Jones that were declassified by the FBI in recent years. Aside from Jones’ sermonizing, the hundreds of tapes include recordings of ham radio communications, music (performed by group members as well as popular songs recorded from the radio), lessons, etc. Some of these tapes were reused and recorded over and, in a few cases, the original recordings can be heard underneath newly recorded material. These ‘ghost recordings’, sometimes reversed and distorted, on aging tapes, provided the inspiration for this piece. One of these ghost recordings, an apology to a wronged love, can be heard in the background in the first half of this piece. The music in the second half of the piece is an original remix (a contemporary ghosting) of this same song.